The artisanal artillery gun, a gunmaking creation of excellence

Artillery gun of the brand Alexandre Coratella. Model Campagna. Caliber .50 - 12.7 mm
Barrel (cannon) and accessories in Titanium
Artillery piece (carriage and wheels) in Bronze

Welcome to the exclusive world of genuine artillery gun !

With my long-standing expertise in firearms, let me introduce you to my personal creations: perfectly operational artillery pieces.

The unique nature of these weapons comes from the association between the age-old know-how of the gunmaking tradition and contemporary state-of-the-art expertise. My works have the specifications and the visual look of period pieces. The excellence of my creations is based among other things on a stringent selection of noble materials such as titanium and bronze, which will bring special and exceptional emotions to the owner of an Alexandre Coratella artillery gun.

To own an artillery gun designed and manufactured by Alexandre Coratella is to enter an elitist and timeless world: each cannon is made exclusively on demand. We chose extremely small-scale production, the furthest from industrial mass manufacturing. Excellence, passion and the feedback from the owners of my exclusive weapons are what inspire me and guide me every day.

Are you intrigued? Take the plunge and come discover our creations on this Artillery Shop website, or in our showroom in the city of Antibes, in the French Riviera.

Alexandre Coratella